List of randomness

Pick random lines and try to mix them in with your writing. Or make up your own randomness. The world is your oyster.

  1. something about vegetables
  2. a dog and a cat fighting
  3. like you're an old person
  4. there's treasure behind the snack machine
  5. a magic wand fell
  6. the sofa wouldn't let me go
  7. coffe was much too strong today
  8. the sun hasn't shone in a week
  9. the ocean
  10. the mountains spoke and you heard it
  11. there are tiny dinosaurs in the garden
  12. when I was a viking
  13. the sound that rain makes on leaves
  14. a goblet filled with soda
  15. the joy of receipts
  16. when you wave early but your friend is still very far away
  17. my boss and their boss have the same discussion each week
  18. buying a book on spellcasting
  19. friends to have silent moments with
  20. a bonfire
  21. a clearing filled with animals
  22. walking out of a meeting
  23. walking into a meeting
  24. a festival in my heart
  25. an inkpen that supports timetravel
  26. like you're attending a workshop for programmers
  27. you're below deck writing while your crew struggles with the boat
  28. I want to cast magic missile
  29. having a change of heart about magazines
  30. but which bear is best?
  31. fast-growing grass?
  32. but did I close the door on the reactor?
  33. meetings that end early
  34. time runs backwards here
  35. if fax machines could speak
  36. paper jam in the printer
  37. designers and programmers switch tasks for a week
  38. emerging from the forest, spotting a moonlit lake.
  39. who planted all these trees in the mountains?
  40. putting post-its around the office
  41. a meeting that never ends
  42. out at sea, and you haven't seen land in a month
  43. the boss keeps suggesting we rewrite our codebase using new frameworks
  44. a soda machine that sighs
  45. my colleague must have cursed me
  46. staring into books
  47. it's a great Monday
  48. who moved my cheese in the lunchroom?
  49. on the topic of company trips
  50. riding my bicycle to work
  51. standing in line at the bakery
  52. there was a showdown at the bus stop
  53. when I tried to help my mechanic fix my car
  54. something about tabs vs spaces.
  55. someone at work keeps stealing from the shared refrigerator
  56. there's a hidden door behind the coffee machine
  57. management has decided to save money on coffee
  58. colleague keeps suggesting new technology to use all the time
  59. the lunch-room yoghurt, which was free, now costs 2$ a piece
  60. Object-orientation vs. functional programming
  61. I keep deleting code to my colleagues bewilderment
  62. a retired colleague wrote some something beautiful in a readme
  63. on the joy of video meetings
  64. naming variables when naming
  65. why my code needs to be complicated
  66. write about the history of a word (ethymology)
  67. there's a cat who scowls at me on my way to work
  68. the soda machine has a usb connector in the back
  69. writing emails in ALL CAPS
  70. this is a meeting about a meeting
  71. writing emails about emails
  72. my department is about to reorganize